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Brainwek Education is an Edtech and educational consultancy company that is building innovative technologies to digitize Africa’s classrooms.

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The Brainwek Learning Management Systems (LMS) allows schools from Kindergarten to University to go fully virtual. It has amazing modules like:

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Quality tuition by the best teachers and renowned textbook authors from first class schools in Ghana.

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Schools in Sub-saharan Africa were already dealing with inadequate teaching and learning materials for teachers and students as well as the absence much-technology in the classroom. For instance, teachers spend so much time dictating notes to students or writing notes on chalkboards for students to copy into their notebooks. Our research has shown that teachers can teach three to five times as fast as they currently do if they could simply send their lesson notes to students digitally. The absence of technology such as smartboards as well as screens, projectors and laptops also prevents teachers from incorporating digital teaching materials like simulations and animations to deepen student understanding of concepts taught.

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