• Brainwek Schools

    Brainwek is a full Learning Management System primarily targeting Pre-schools to Senior Secondary Schools to allow schools to go fully virtual via the app during the pandemic and be able to use the other features after the pandemic ends.

    Here's the general breakdown of the app:

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  • Brainwek Tutoring

    This is Brainwek’s Tutoring program designed to support freelance teachers/tutors who run extra classes for pre-school to senior secondary school students primarily on the African continent. The system will support Tutor Groups as well as One-on-One Tutoring etc.

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  • Brainwek-Gwara Partnership

    Brainwek is Partnering with Gwara to run its fellowship and student loan programs designed to help African Students apply for postgraduate STEM programs in the US and secure loans to cover basic needs towards a successful enrolment and completion of the graduate program. Brainwek is proud to offer the Learning Management System to support the fellowship as well as provide test prep services to program fellows.

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  • Brainwek College Prep

    Brainwek Education also provides end-to-end college prep services to senior high school students applying to undergraduate programs in the US, UK and Canada. We help students through Test Prep, Application Prep, Pre-college orientation and much more.

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