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Brainwek Education is an Edtech and educational consultancy company that is building innovative technologies to digitize Africa’s classrooms.

Our Covid-19 Response

To ease the burdens on students, teachers and school administrators, we are offering

The Brainwek Learning Management System (LMS) to allow schools from Kindergarten to University to go fully virtual during this pandemic and beyond

Brainwek Virtual School to help students in Senior High School (SHS), Pre-Senior High School (Pre-SHS), Junior High School (JHS) and students applying to colleges in the US, UK and Canada to catch up on missed material, get ahead in school and secure admission to colleges abroad.

Our Motivation

Schools in Sub-saharan Africa were already dealing with inadequate teaching and learning materials for teachers and students as well as the absence much-technology in the classroom. For instance, teachers spend so much time dictating notes to students or writing notes on chalkboards for students to copy into their notebooks. Our research has shown that teachers can teach three to five times as fast as they currently do if they could simply send their lesson notes to students digitally. The absence of technology such as smartboards as well as screens, projectors and laptops also prevents teachers from incorporating digital teaching materials like simulations and animations to deepen student understanding of concepts taught.

Our Tutor

Dzidefo AframPhysics

Nyamedze Akyen-AikinsElective Math

Samuel Nti GKA

Constantus Akuma-Zanu Social Studies

Dominic Cudjoe Physics

Daniel Awuku Financial Accounting

James Nii Ala Picture Making

Stephen Gyeni ICT


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The Brainwek Learning Management System

Brainwek is a full Learning Management System primarily targeting K-12 schools and freelance teachers/tutors who run extra classes for K-12 students primarily on the African continent.

The first version of it will have the following groupings:
  1. A school adding its teachers and students
  2. Tutors as individuals teaching a group of students
  3. Tutors as a Tutor Group who charge a fixed price for say 4/5/6 subjects
  4. Individual Tutors offering private one-on-one tuition

The goal is to allow schools to go fully virtual via the app during the pandemic and be able to use the other features after the pandemic ends.

Here's the general breakdown of the app:
So a Course will have the following sections:
  1. Reading Materials with the following subsections: Books, Notes, Slides, Research Papers/Articles
  2. Lessons
  3. Assignments
  4. Gradebook (where grades from assignments and tests will be recorded)
  5. Syllabus
  6. Calendar
  7. Student Roster
  8. Discussion Board
  9. Tests
The Brainwek app will also feature:
  1. Continuous assessment (grade collation per class/school) GPA calculation, Transcript creation etc.
  2. Live video lessons
  3. Inclusion of a live note-taking feature to allow students to take notes within the app as they watch the videos
  4. Parent Engagement (sending out notifications about student's performance to parents regularly)