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Brainwek Hybrid School

BRAINWEK Education organizes two types of classes for JHS, Pre-JHS, SHS, Remedial, Study Abroad, Pre-College, as well as Medical School Exam and Interview Students

Live and interactive online classes on the Brainwek App. Students have access to both live and recorded classes, quality study materials and standardized tests & quizzes.

Physical Face-to-Face Classes at our North Legon location.

Brainwek offers two kinds of Face-to-Face classes: a. Full Face-to-Face Vacation Classes including Practicals for SHS/SHTS Science students from Monday - Saturday.

b. Science Practical Lessons on Saturdays for Hybrid SHS Science students. These students take the live interactive online classes from Monday to Friday on the Brainwek Learning Management System and then come to the North Legon location on Saturdays for their Practical Lessons.

The Brainwek Office at North Legon is a State-of-the-Art, easy-to-find, modern facility in a serene residential area.

The facility is opposite Alima Foods off the Agbogba-Ashongman Road. It is on the same lane as Wisconsin International University College, Cheezy Pizza, Pappa's Pizza and Antis.

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Brainwek Education

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Why Brainwek Hybrid School

Brainwek assures you of expert quality tuition by a team of experienced teachers from first class High Schools across the country. Our syllabus-based face-to-face and live online video classes, cutting edge teaching techniques, and personal student interactions with tutors via whatsapp promote accelerated learning giving the student an edge over their non-Brainwek colleagues.

At Brainwek, we make you smarter. We are your ultimate choice.

Join and Succeed!

Virtual/Online Programs
Physical/Face-to-Face Programs
Hybrid Programs

Our Programs

SHS Vacation & Remedial Classes

JHS Vacation Classes

Pre-SHS Classes

College Prep/Study Abroad

Medical Entrance Exam

Interview Preperation

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109 Agbogba-Ashongman Rd,
North Legon, Accra - Ghana

+233 (0) 54 109 1418
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